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Oat Bran and Pearl Barley

“iLite GrainsPlus is Low GI? I’ve BARLEY gotten started! ”

  • Find out the goodness of Barley and Oats!

Growing up, I was reminded time and again to eat my fruits and vegetables for their fiber content… I’m sure I am not alone on this. Did you know however, that there is more than one type of fiber? Let me break it down for you!

Insoluble fiber: aids bowel movement

Soluble fiber: +++ more powerful!

*Both insoluble and soluble fiber are needed in a healthy diet!

 Soluble fiber is attracted to water, creating a gel-like consistency in our stomachs that keeps us full. This prevents us from unnecessary snacking, aiding weight loss! In addition, soluble fiber blocks the absorption of cholesterol and acts as a prebiotic, boosting the number of good bacteria in our gut! Prebiotics work to help us develop a strong immune system and reduce inflammation. An added benefit is the proven enhanced mood you get! So much more reason to consume soluble fiber!

Studies have found that 5g of soluble fiber/day reduces bad cholesterol by 5%! We carefully selected the perfect blend of grains to help you manage your cholesterol levels as you attain healthy blood sugars. Consuming just 2 sachets of iLite GrainsPlus for your breakfast fulfills 16% of that requirement! To boost your soluble fiber intake, pair it with fruits rich in soluble fiber [mango, apricots, orange or grapefruit], with 1tbsp of flaxseeds or both!

Fun facts:

  1. Seeds and nuts contain moderate amounts of fiber, of which are mainly insoluble fiber! Flaxseeds stand out from the crowd for their high soluble fiber content!
  2. Beta-glucan is the main type of soluble fiber that improves your cholesterol levels! Oat beta-glucan intake of 3g/day have shown to reduce the risk of heart disease! Barley and Rye also contribute to beta-glucan that occurs naturally in the cell walls of these grains!

Contributed by: Joy Sim, iLite’s resident Nutritionist




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