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Sugar Replacement Applications For Bakery & Beverages

15 August 2019, Singapore

iLite was recently invited by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) to share on sugar replacement applications on dessert and beverages for the food and beverage businesses at Furama City Centre Hotel.
iLite is one of the first and leading Healthier Ingredient Supplier under the healthy ingredient scheme for the beverage category in Singapore. Our beverage has less than 5 per cent sugar,
and the calorie (kcal) ranges from 1 to 55 per 200 ml per serve. It is also quick soluble, requires no flushing, compacting storage and retains 18 months shelf life.

Under the Healthier Dining Innovation Scheme (HDI) by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), vouchers are available for foodservice providers to apply and use for the purchase of iLite’s Healthier Choice beverages.
Geláre (Franchisee of the Year, Franchising & Licensing Asia 2018) is such a beneficiary to leverage on the HDI scheme to provide healthier beverages in their 14 restaurants.
Mr Han Ong, Ex-brand Manager of Geláre, said, “iLite helps to create awareness that beverages, other than water, can be healthy too which furthermore, they help to complement our products”.

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iLite to share on sugar replacement innovations for bakery and dessert






Sharing Healthier Sweetness During Ramadan 2019

18 May 2019, Singapore

iLite had the opportunity to share our lower in sugary beverages with Darul Aman Mosque and Taman Jurong Community Centre (Cc) as part of the Ramadan celebration.
iLite aims to demonstrate that healthier beverages can be equally, if not better, tasting too. Besides, drinking highly-sweetened drinks is an easy way to unknowingly load up on added sugar,
which gives you calories with no nutrients.

Our selections of ready-to-mix Asian beverages, such as water chestnut and roselle drinks, contain only about half the amount of sugar compared to the same syrup-based drinks.
iLite works with the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) to help vendors at hawker centre such as Tekka Market to offer healthier drinks options, and one such example is Maya Mohan Hot & Cold Drinks stall.
Over and above, the accessible options for healthier food and drinks alternatives aim to encourage Singaporeans to eat healthy when they dine out.

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Ministerial Opening Conference on Diabetes 2018

26 November 2018, Singapore

According to the WHO, the number of adults living with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980.
The cost of the disease on health, mortality and economies around the world every year is substantial, 
and the global annual healthcare expenditure on diabetes was over USD$700 billion in 2017.
Not too long ago, diabetes was primarily seen as a rich country disease, and there was not much global consciousness – even amongst governments – of the need to act.
The reality is that diabetes is a pressing global health issue, plagues countries rich and poor, and has to be arrested to avoid the high cost in lives and national well-being everywhere.

Diabetes is of particular concern for us in Singapore. Already, almost half a million Singaporeans live with the disease – that’s nearly 1 in 9 persons, which is higher than the global prevalence.
If nothing is done to change the trend, 1 in 7 persons will have diabetes in Singapore by 2050 (on an age-standardised basis). Without adjusting for ageing, it will be 1 in 6 persons.
Tackling diabetes requires three mindset shifts, Government mindset shifts, Employer mindset shift and individual mindset shift

To support our efforts in catalysing these mindset shifts, we also need to identify and facilitate the spread of innovative solutions and strengthen partnerships in our joint efforts to tackle diabetes.
There are many promising areas where innovation can be a game-changer, be it in technology, policy or behavioural nudges.

One example is Faesol (pronounced as “fay-soul”) – a Singaporean SME at the forefront of food innovation.

  • With the support given under HPB’s Healthier Ingredients Development Scheme (HIDS), Faesol has developed healthier, ready-to-mix Asian beverages for coffee shops and foodservice establishments.
  • Faesol leveraged its homegrown technologies and ingredients to match the taste and characteristics of sugar in food products, using powder processing capabilities to make beverage mixes that are free of preservatives, more shelf-stable, and easier to prepare. 
  • Local beverages, such as water chestnut, pearl barley and Roselle tea, can now taste good even with low sugar or no sugar. 
  • Faesol is now exporting its products to other countries, such as Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.


Extracted from DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam at the Opening Ceremony of the Ministerial Conference on Diabetes 26 November 2018

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