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Free food with Reference to American Diabetes Association

“How much does your typical meal cost?”

  • Diabetes management with FREE Food?!


Free food! Yes, you read that right. iLite is however, NOT giving out free food…on the contrary, we are charging! WAITTT! Do hear us out.

iLite constantly searches for ways to help diabetics and individuals alike manage their blood sugar levels easily. Free foods according to the American Diabetes Association is any food, drink, condition, or seasoning that contains less than 20kcal and 5g of carbohydrates/serving. Diabetics do not need to take into account its caloric and carbohydrate content to enjoy such foods, making it FREE!

Free foods thus make good snack options or as flavor enhancers to enhance one’s eating experience without the unnecessary guilt or health effects. iLite provides a range of natural sugar replacers for every individual, diabetic or not, to manage their health without compromising on taste.

Nutritionist’s Recommendation: use iLite’s sweeteners in place of sugar for your baked goods, drinks and more!

Contributed by: Joy Sim, iLite’s resident Nutritionist

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